Tic Tac Roll®

Can your mouse snatch victory from the jaws of defeat on a constantly changing TIC-TAC-TOE board?  Can you squeak by with a victory or will you end up crying "Rats!" as another mouse makes three in a row? Can your mouse claw its way to the top and savor the rewards of becoming THE BIG CHEESE? Or will your mouse succumb to one fateful roll of the dice? Well, choose your mouse and get ready for a game your family will want to play for hours! Up to four players roll special dice which tell them where to place their X's and O's on the TIC TAC-Roll playing field.  The objective is to get three of your own pieces in a row.  Win enough games and you're crowned the BIG CHEESE! But there's a catch.  See, these dice aren't always nice to mice.  Just when you're on the verge of three in a row, an opponent can knock your piece off the board with a lucky roll.  The game's different every time you play, and with up to four players vying for victory, every roll changes the board an alters the complexion of the game. For ages 4 and up. Let your whole family experience the fun of playing a game together.  Tic-Tac-Roll® combines the age-old fun of TIC-TAC-TOE with all the thrills of BINGO.  And best of all anyone can play, from tykes to adults.

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